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Being an evil genius is "hard work"

Programs: 'Evil Genius' Brings Out Your Inner Villain
By Gene Emery

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (Reuters) - They say a genius is never appreciated in his own time. Well, try being an evil genius like me. Most of you readers don't appreciate what it takes to deliver on sinister schemes and dastardly double-crossings.

It takes work! It takes time! It takes money! It means not taking your medication!

Are you listening, people? You think secret bases filled with doomsday devices and instruments of torture build themselves? Wake up and smell the cyanide!

Finally, the brighter bulbs at Elixir Studios and Vivendi Universal have figured it out. They've come up with a new tongue-in-cheek Windows strategy game called -- and I'm sure the head corporate clods wasted a lot of brainpower on this inspired title -- "Evil Genius."

Through the magic of the personal computer, this game lets you build a simulated evil empire and double-cross the henchmen who have come to think of you as a perverted father figure. You bask in the glow of self-righteous slaughter as the latest 007, 008, 00-whatever wannabes get fried, baked, peeled, squashed, diced, aerated, shaken and stirred by your complicated deathtraps.

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This sounds like a modern version of dungeon keeper, which was rather a lot of fun. Anyone out there given it a try? How does it compare to your real world plans for world domination?
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